Science Hack Day 2016

Science Hack Day Eindhoven 2016 

Science Hack Day Eindhoven is two day event where designers, developers, scientists, anyone who is excited about making things with science are welcome, to come together and create a prototype within 32 consecutive hours. Join us and enter the bubble of the science hack day and make, hack, invent cool stuff on 21/22 May 20016 registration is open!.  A social event with creativity and love science at its heart.


Science hack day is a hackathon whit a twist, the people that gather and complete in small teams to win eternal fame discover their unknown skills, have together and create a prototype within 32 consecutive hours

Participants organically form multidisciplinary teams over the course of the weekend. Science Hack Day is unique in its openness and community. Anyone with an idea could share the principle online or during a pitch, and find a team to elaborate the concept.

The mission of Science Hack Day

is to get excited and make things with science!. Particle physicists team up with designers, marketers join forces with open source rocket scientists, writers collaborate with molecular biologists, and developers partner with school kids. By collaborating on focused tasks during this short period, small groups of hackers are capable of producing remarkable .


if you decided participant ,register now! Are you seriously thinking of going to a 32 hour hackathon? You must be out of your mind! And that’s why we like to come !

Click below to register (it’s free!!) individually or with a team start preparing yourself mentally.