Science Hack Day Eindhoven #10

May 29th & 30th 2021

Are you ready to join this year’s Science Hack Day? This year we will be fully integrated online. Everyone will be using readily available tools with primary communications via MIRO and ZOOM.  Additionally, there are many other creative, fun, free and useful tools to assist you and your group in bringing your vision to life. Of course, alternatively you are free to use any tools you like or may be familiar with to dazzle and amaze the jury!

Some of you may be wondering what is a science hackathon, maybe you have no science or technical background. Ask yourself “Am I interested and intrigued enough by science and its advances to dare to dream about making the possibilities a reality?” Anyone can join from any field because in a science hackathon a whole team works together by each individual’s contribution. Each team must have creativity, presentation skills and technical skills to achieve their goal. Working within the confines of the challenge all in one fun filled weekend. Each team member will contribute differently to the team using their personal skills and personal knowledge. You can watch this short video from previous years Science Hack Day, but don’t forget to step into a new tomorrow and be ready to be challenged virtually.



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This year we will be entertaining the idea of creating a fully communicative platform for a real Rover… Imagine working on creating accessories, open communication integration, web development, popular vote decisions, Virtual Reality exploring mars with your own eyes through Rover mapping and nearly anything else you believe the rover can perform. Not sure about the possibilities, check out this short video for some inspiration from TED TALKS. 

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That’s Better. See you all May 29 and 30!