SAVE THE DATE: SHD2020 is June 6 -7


We are excited and happy to announce the 9th Science Hack Day Eindhoven to be happening 6 and 7 June 2020.

Already fierce discussions arise on the scope and themes of this years’ edition. Of course we anticipate a big part of the challenge to focus on big societal and existential themes:

  • Climate & Planet
  • Social divides
  • Energy futures
  • AI and Digital Reality

We are preparing the program, website and registration and will announce further interaction soon.

When you have the urge to communicate your ideas, collaboration, early commitment and else: send a mail to

Hacking around Corona

Regarding the current situation, we are preparing a virtual Science Hack Day Eindhoven:

Coronavirus Update: Science Hack Day 6-7 June 2020

Due to the coronavirus and quarantaine measures we would like to update you about the Science Hack Day 2020.
Innovative ideas and problem solving events like the Science Hack Day can’t wait! Thats why we are not postponing the event.

We would like to organise the event fully online and are looking for creative ways to do so. Would you like to help our team? 

Do you have great ideas about how to shape this event online? Share it with us, we would like to come in contact with you. Please send your ideas to: 

Science Hack Day Eindhoven 2019 #8

Retrospect Science Hack Day 2019

We are delighted to announce the prizes and jury of Science Hack Day Eindhoven 2019!

Jury of Science Hack Day Eindhoven 2019:

  • Steven Luitjens, Representative of Philips and former Philips Principal Researcher.
  • Ricardo Abdoel, Director/Dean Avans Academy Engineering & ICT at Avans University of Applied Sciences.
  • Elke van der Valk, Consultant Regionalisation at Fontys and member of European Association for International Education.
  • Ellen de Vries, independent entrepreneur and Professional Member International Association of Lighting Designers.
  • Bas Sanders, Entrepreneur, Innovator and co-founder at biomimicryNL

They had the difficult and challenging task to judge and decide which team wins the first, second and third prize… Very promising concepts have emerged during this innovative weekend. The jury has rewarded the 3 best innovative concepts.

These are the prize winners of 2019:

  • 1rst prize: Driven By User Experience € 750
  • 2nd prize: Regenerative Earth € 500
  • 3rd prize: Iterative Methamorphosis € 250
  • 4th prize: Nitro Agent

You can view the entire photo album here.
Watch the one minute video pitches here.

Challenges are related to the future work, future food provision and future living

In the last two decades, our society has been greatly changed by digital technologies on all areas of our lives. Following this path and with the introduction of artificial intelligence, many experts say that we are entering a new transformational age that they called “the fourth industrial revolution”. So, it is expected that these changes will be more dramatic in the near future. So for this new reality, we need new type of professional functions, work-schemas, food provision and living conditions, which matches will all these changes and do not harm the environment.

We are all challenged and inspired by the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals
UN SDG homepage
SDG.ORG Geospatial data

Any challenge is welcome. If you don’t have one, the following key questions can lead you to find one:

The future work

  • How to become professionally more competitive in the future? What do we need for that?
  • How to radically improve job which will be performed remotely?
  • Will children or teenagers become our bosses? How to deal with that?

The future living conditions

  • How digital technologies will change the way we live and interact with people?
  • How to build sustainable and smart houses of the future? And who will be the owners?
  • Will we use smart clothing? How will this impact our lives?

The future food provision

  • In the future, we won’t probably waste food and radically reduce food packaging in our homes. How will we, as society, manage that?
  • Will we need to change our daily diet to eat more sustainable?
  • How to produce and distribute enough and healthy food for all?

During the event, we will challenge you to creatively use at least two of our four play fields: 

It all happened 25 and 26 May in Albert van Abbehuis (Bilderdijklaan 19, 5611 NG Eindhoven).