And the winners of Science Hack Day 2016 are

The winners of Science Hack Day 2016

There were a lot of prizes to win this year! Crophubs, Smell of Data and Xboxing won free tickets to Startup Summer School. The mobility prize was won by DNI. The winners where crup hubs, smell of data, x boxing . Next to the monetary prize, the top three winners are also going to present their prototypes at the High Tech Capital event.  We would like to thank the sponsors and the jury members for supporting Science Hack Day Eindhoven 2016.

Pictures of the weekend can be found here.



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Smell of Data & Xboxing 


DNI – Winners of the Mobility prize

Impression of Science Hack Day

The vibe is good this weekend. Participants are concentrated and busy creating and building cool stuff. This afternoon the participants will keep their pitches for the jury. Work in progress.

Let’s pitch! The participants are pitching their ideas in front of the jury. The project Vbrush was the first to pitch. The other ideas are Farm it, Smell of Data, Near me, Living L.I.F.E., TaxiDryver, Xboxing, VDMA light and crophubs. Feeling the tension in room.

DSC01850 (1) DSC01848 (1)

Science Hack Day Eindhoven 2016

You must be out of your mind!

A hackathon of 32 hours to think, create and invent experimental prototypes and concepts: that is what Science Hack Day is all about. Artists, technologist, designers, engineers, architects, marketers and hackers, come and explore the boundaries of your imaginative mind!

Enter the creative bubble of Science Hack Day on 21 and 22 May 2016. Compete in small teams, not only to win, but also to discover unknown skills, experience something new, and most of all to have fun together and create a mind-blowing prototype within 32 hours!


During this hack marathon, multidisciplinary teams will think of software, products and data applications different from their originally intended use, eventually making an entirely new concept.

Anyone with an idea can share this online or during the pitches at the beginning of the hackathon, making finding the right team members easier! A team should consist of people with different disciplines, providing the right insights for creating the optimal result.

Let your mind run wild during the fifth edition of the Science Hack Day hackathon!


Next to Hack Ideas helping you on your way with your project, your own idea could follow the Make the Future guidelines, as seen below.

MTFJust having fun isn’t enough motivation for you? Well, there will be prizes to hand out! After an insane period of hacking, your team will present your results to the jury, consisting of renowned members. They will decide which three teams deserve a prize.

Thinking of joining yet? You must be out of your mind! And that’s exactly why we’d like you to join!