• Science Hack Day Eindhoven Hashtag: #SHD040
  • Download SHD040 2014 Poster here: SHD 14 visual themes
  • How can I join this event? Register at sciencehackdayeindhoven (eventbrite).
  • Does the organization need support? Yes we need more support! Anyone who can help is welcome to join the team. We need sponsors, partners, volunteers. Let us know by sending an e-mail.  Be part of this amazing event!
  • Do I have to stay two days? Yes it’s a two day event that will be needing your full attendance. Of course you can go to sleep at night, and come back for breakfast. You don’t want to miss the beginning, and certainly not the finish and prize ceremony!
  • Can I sleep somewhere cheap? Options for sleeping places are:
  • How can I find a team? We provide a collaborative space here to exchange idea’s and find teams. Also on the day itself you can join a team or form one yourself.
  • Will you be able to supply access to basic equipment like soldering irons, multimeters, etc? We do have a certain amount of equipment, but demand will be high, so best you pack what is essential to you. We have electronics for lending or for sale, like Arduino’s, shields, LEDs and stuff.
  • Where is the venue? Gaslab, Het Kranenveld 8, Eindhoven Technical University Eindhoven.