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Ideas for Science Hack Day Eindhoven May 25 – 26, 2019

We’re so glad that you’re joining us to hack! Below are hack team proposals, with information about each idea and the expert proposing it. 

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Team Proposal for Helping Dairy Farmers

This proposal involves using multiple tools, including data analysis, an understanding of the needs of the dairy farmer and also an understanding of the environment, to help dairy farmers increase milk yields while improving the farm environment. It is not “nature vs humans” but rather humans interacting with nature as equals, to obtain positive benefits for both.

The team proposal has three parts:

  • Help Farmers Unleash Their Data

Farmers have access to increasingly large amounts of data – but what can they do with that data? This challenge focuses on providing specific solutions to one particular farmer, Tjerk. You will have access to his data on his cows, including milk produced and feed consumed. You will also have access to his data about pasture (grass) that he grows to feed the cows.

  • Nitrogen: Friend and Foe for the Farmer

Nitrogen based fertilizers have revolutionized agriculture – including dairy farming. These fertilizers have increased yields enough to feed the world’s growing population, but have also caused wide-spread environmental destruction. This challenge will help a specific farmer, Tjerk, to use less nitrogen (both natural and artificial) on his land. If nitrogen use is reduced, will that help the environment? How will we know?

  • Talking with Nature on the Farm

Farmers have a deep connection to the natural environment on their farm. A healthy environment is essential to a healthy farm. This challenge will help a specific farmer, Tjerk, understand what nature is telling him about the health of his farm. What kind of solutions would best help Tjerk understand his farm’s environment?

This proposal is from Marcel van Mackelenbergh, a data scientist who is involved with FarmHack. Get more information about Marcel and his proposal.

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Farm Biodiversity Challenge

We need to start creating actionable solutions that empower farmers to improve biodiversity on their farm.    

We want to facilitate farmers to easily do structured biodiversity observations on their farms, and also allow for expert feedback to farmers through a collaboration with an existing nature and biodiversity initiative called Waarneming.nl, experts in smart nature observations and civic science.

This proposal is from Anne Bruinsma, the co founder of FarmHackNL, a catalyst for solutions and innovations in the agricultural and farming sector. FarmHackNL ignites data- and tech-driven open online/offline collaborations between tech entrepreneurs, farmers and domain experts. They wrangle data, build APIs and prototypes, host hackathons with one goal in mind: better tech for farmers. (more info)

Data and relevant documentation is posted in this thread on the FarmHack Forum.

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Every day, you are surrounded by appliances that help you with your daily life. What would happen if you no longer owned these appliances – if instead they were available to you as a service? How would that change your daily life? What technical changes would be needed? What alternatives would you consider instead of using these appliances?

In particular, this challenge involves consider the appliance as a service model for two appliances: vacuum cleaners and air fryers. Please let us know which one you are interested in when you sign up.

This challenge is brought to you by Philips (more information coming soon).

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