Projects / Hacks

Projects presented at the Science Hack Day Eindhoven 2012 (winners first)

Overall creative design:

€ 500 cash and gadget package – made possible by TMC


generating energy from tornado


names Tauras, Hui Chun, Aleksandre, Manuel
team leader Tauras

The best service design:

€ 500 cash and gadget package – made possible by Brainport


Using brain scanning bio-feedback and algorithms to bring recommendations and user data into the user’s hands and applying it in the real world

names Maarten Witteveen, Iris van Dam, Ben Landau
team leader Maarten

The best software innovation:

€ 500 cash and gadget package made possible by Fontys

Lorem – searching for people

International students search for other international students Lorem is an application intended for use by international students in order to find other students near them with similar backgrounds or interests. At the heart of the application is a map, where you can search within some distance, for instance 1km from your address, for people of your nationality or that speak the same languages as you. This way we hope to give students an easy way to meet new people, host country-specific events, or even find people to practice foreign languages. Although the name will probably change, we hope to start actually using the application this coming school year.

Working demo website

names Christine, Gerardo, Praveen Jelish, Timur, Martin, Maarten
team leader Christine

The best hardware innovation:

€ 500 cash and gadget package – made possible by TNO

Retro Induction Cooking

names Paul Wagener, Felix Donkers, Mahdi Triki
team leader Paul

Overall healthy living: 

€ 500 cash and gadget package – made possible by City of Eindhoven

Cam Jam

Internet connected skatepark 

Imagine… you go to the skatepark, with a skateboard that has a special sticker on the bottom. You go and skate and do your tricks. At the track there are built-in cameras, sensors, and special buttons you for bonus effects. Using these, the skatepark films every cool move you make from the best possible viewpoint, overlayed with special effects. At home, you log in to see this video and share with your friends via Facebook, hence contributing to a viral trend of kids getting to skate!

names Marcel, Aernout, Freerk, Harm
leader Marcel

Video presentation of the project


Overall happy living: 

€ 500 cash and gadget package – made possible by MAD emergent art center


mood awareness throughout

Mooood is a desktop application to measure, improve and share your moods. Galvanic Skin Response and heart-rate sensors determine the arousal level, we determine valence through face detection and mood classification ( While the user works on her computer her inner state is monitored and mapped on an interactive wall paper and a lamp that provides insight into her current emotions. Depending on the relation between arousal and valence different coloured circles appear on the mood ‘landscape’ and fitting sounds are played. By clicking on a circle the user can trace back her emotions of that day. Automated Twitter postings may be enabled.

Read the Blog on Numuseum.

names Danielle, Siddhesh, Leonid, Ketan, Iwan, Huang-Ming
team leader Danielle

Power Plants

Soilistic energy harvesting

names Hirumi, Wilbert, Casper team leader Hirumi

Birthing Ideas

Tool that helps funding ideas (social media)

names Michael, Ferdi, Tom team leader Michael

Kinetic Energy Harvesting

naturally occuring small movements

names Estefanie, Hans, Laurent team leader Estefanie

Hack the WiFi device

Use your wireless device to create a mash network

names Pieter Verhees team leader Pieter

Natural Nomad

Creating energy from the active lifestyle

names Dan, Javier team leader Dan
©Pictures by Bas Berends, Mirjam Murre, MAD emergent art center