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Science Hack Day Eindhoven: City of the Future

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Calling all designers, developers, scientists, students, techies and other geeks: Science Hack Day Eindhoven is returning for a second year of creative collaboration through hacking!

The theme of this Science Hack Day is City of the Future related to Energy, Health, Mobility.

Can you think of a smart way to use Open Data, sensor data, internet, wireless and other technology for new solutions?

We are proud to present special awards for:

  • Best Mobility Solution – € 500,- (sponsored by SRE)CAR UNLOCKER: Car parts with convenient mobile applications such as opening the door
  • Best Energy Solution – € 500,- (sponsored by Fontys)Harmoneco: Application for insight and advice with gas, water and electricity
  • Best Health Solution – € 500,- (sponsored by MAD)Fresta: urban farming: home growing vegetables and herbs with smart LED and aquaculture
  • Best Design Hack – € 500,- (sponsored by City of Eindhoven)Fresta: urban farming: home growing vegetables and herbs with smart LED and aquaculture
  • Best Open Data Hack – € 500,- (sponsored by Beeld en Geluid)XPVRD: Open data visualization in a 3D world (VR application)
  • Special Science Hack Day – Led-Cube packs (sponsored by Donkers creative technologies)Sit up: Application for a healthy sitting posture

Presentation and Jury

On Saturday afternoon the teams will present their new ideas and inventions from 15:00 h, to the expert jury that will decide on the winners.

The jury members are:

  • Mary Ann Schreurs, Alderman for Innovation City of Eindhoven
  • Eric Slaats, Associate Lector at Fontys Hogescholen
  • Lucas Asselbergs, Head of Studium Generale at University of Technology Eindhoven
  • Richard Bijlard, Techno-broker / Technogation

On Friday, May 31 and Saturday, June 1st, astounding concepts and incredible ideas will be thought of, produced into a working prototype and presented during the 32-hour event at Fontys Hogescholen. You can join as an individual, but it’s even more fun if you bring a friend or a team. If you think of an idea to work on before, you can bring some stuff you may need for that. But also great ideas are born right on the spot! Teams are formed in the first hour, around ideas and themes you come up with.

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Watch a short overview of the entire event:

Science Hack Day 2013 overview from MADlabNL on Vimeo.

Watch the winners presentations compilation:

Science Hack Day 2013 winners compilation from MADlabNL on Vimeo.

About Hacks

A hack is a quick solution to a problem – maybe not the most elegant solution, but often the cleverest. Hacks can be either software or hardware (or a mix) and aim to bring to life to interesting science. For example some of the hacks created at the Science Hack Day in Eindhoven in 2012 are: how to generate energy from a home-tornado, how to use brain scanning bio-feedback and algorithms, a retro induction cooking solution and an internet connected skateramp.

Picture of the creative collaborating during Science Hack Day Eindhoven 2012

A Science Hack Day creates a community that develops, designs and prototypes solutions for the world of tomorrow. Hack Days were originally created by Yahoo! in 2005 and soon after became a worldwide trend. By collaborating on focused tasks during this short period, small groups of hackers are capable of producing remarkable results. We are expecting 50-70 participants, who work in teams of 2-6 individuals.


Science Hack Day Eindhoven is made possible by our partners: City of Eindhoven, Fontys University, SRE, Brainport, Technical University Eindhoven, Design Academy, Continium, CityTV, Mindhoven, Red Bluejay, Techniek-makelaar, Open Eindhoven, Robin Hood and many others.

This event is part of the Dutch Technology Week | Discuss on Twitter: #SHD040 #DTW #DTW13


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