Hack Ideas 2014

Post your idea for a hack here to share it, so you can find others to join forces. We will list them here so everybody can find it.

Here is a list of hack ideas submitted for this hackathon.

  • FUNQ – Gamification of the Waiting Queue. Millions of man years are spent every year waiting in queues around the world. Why not have fun while you wait?
    FUNQ ( sounds like ‘Funk’ ) will hack together a series of interactive artworks controlled ad-hoc by mobile phone as you progress along a queue. Impromptu social connections become possible as you share control with friends and strangers. Waiting has never been so fun!
    Team: James Caska, Ellen van Lierop
    Tools: VirtualBreadboard; Illustrator; Android; WaveRaster; Eclipse; Arduino; Boogie Board.
    Link: www.virtualbreadboard.com
    Contact: jamescaska AT virtualbreadboard.com
  • Play Date – A mobile app for a one on one game. The decision on the game hasn’t been made yet, but the amazing premise is already there: people get matched according to sexual preference, age, location, etc, where they can now play a game while chatting. Now they can get to know each other while playing an informal game. Tinder meets gaming. On the game nothing has been decided yet, so we got to come up with something good. A fun one on one game where people have time to chat to each other. Maybe a turn by turn bit. Everything is still open.
    Contact: martijn_prinzen AT live.com
  • Alternative Learning Tank – The Alternative Learning Tank focuses on the research, creation and implementation of educational programs in Digital Civil Rights.
    ALT develops a series of interventions in time that are not limited nor constrained in the traditional context of art, activism or the educative context but affects and influences spheres as culture, politics, activism, technology or consumerism.
    At the SHD we will further develop the ALT-Kernel and Building-blocks as pedagogical system and subversive outreach interventions.
    Team members: Manuel Beltrán
    Contact: manuel.beltran AT interfaculty.nl
  • GATSIE – Have you ever played Yathzee with multiple players? The players play together, but every player plays his or hers own game, throwing five dice three times a turn, filling up their column on the score card. Only at the end of the game, when all the points are tallied, one player wins and the other loses.
    What if the players would play against each other?
    GATSIE is a Yathzee clone where players are opponents at each turn…
    Team members: Huub, Joost
    Tools: It’ll be a web app.
    – meteor (https://www.meteor.com/)
    – d3.js
    – (snap.svg?)
    Contact: Huub AT heerdebeer.org
    More: GitHuub
  • 3D Interactive Mind-Map and Web – Now, imagine, whether you are webmaster or visitor, that you can grasp the whole structure of the website at first sight in one beautiful, clear, 3D mind-map.
    As if you could create a new 3D and visual mapping of websites and informations, which is open, clear, interactive, dynamic and collaborative.
    Contact: mabhebia AT gmail.com
    Read more
  • ReCater – Idee van website is al erg interessant: ReCater – App to reduce Food Waste in Catering Industry. (Roy / IOS development kit, iPad, wireframing tools, InVision prototyping, Database tools (mySQL, JQuery, etc.), Graphic design programs, etc.)
    Contact: royvandenheuvel AT outlook.com
  • Anonymous Cloud Management – Create an online cloud service with mobile webapp, without saving your personal information and send e-mails without the NSA and other companies watching. encrypt your files with passwords so nobody can read them anymore.
    Contact: semvoigt AT hotmail.nl
  • Batsense – Batsense is a device ( a so called wearable ) that interprets data in any of the sensory domains and translates this information to one of the other domains.
    The hack will focus on gathering 3D visual data with a Kinect-alike and make use of many vibration motors to give the user a sense of awareness of feeling the 3D space around them.
    Contact:dick AT aivia.nl
    Project Website: www.batsense.nl.
  • EyeShareData – We weten maar half wat bedrijven en overheden over ons verzamelen. How to be master over your own data.
    Contact: ac47065 AT gmail.com
    Read more: https://www.sciencehackdayeindhoven.nl/?page_id=732
  • PWR – Online arm lifting with opponent.
  • eTrabant – remake (the engine of) the Trabant into an electrical powered vehicle.
    Read more: http://renwired.com/e-trabant/

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