The Living City 2016

Living City Hack Quest:

Taking on urban decay in city centers, the Living City project uses communication technologies and Open Data systems to create new experiences for citizens. In past centuries the city center has functioned as a centralizing location of many activities, but today, when everything can be arranged from your laptop, Ipad or phone, who needs a physical location for shopping? For arranging municipal issues, or for hanging out? A lot of things still happen but not downtown.


This leads to the “death of the mall system” – the city center, or the mall, is getting more empty. It is not caused by the location, but instead it is because of the community and information technology which enables new forms of communities that are with out a physical space.

Community Building:
The Living City asks how we can bring community back to town? How can we encourage Movement of people, physical connectedness and personal face to face communication?

Its goal is to bring back that community feeling of warmth and safety into the city, rather than a current of slowly emptying streets and neglected buildings.
And its aims to do this with information technology and AR, by offering and creating opportunities to connect with each other and get in touch with the lowest level of commitment or crossing boundaries. So, without asking for registrations or subscriptions into platforms or other commitments. Making participation as easy as just play and go.

Science Hack Day
For Science Hack Day Hackathon, the Living City project will focus on creating an emergent (gaming) activity for outdoors by using widely available tools and means. The activity will need to attract people to hang around outdoors and inspire them to connect.