Dutch Technology Week

Science Hack Day 2015 takes place during the Dutch Technology Week on May 30th and 31st.

Technology is fun, challenging and provides many opportunities for study, work, business and investment. Brainport Region Eindhoven will bring the most beautiful, exciting and innovative technology stories to light during the 4th annual Dutch Technology Week, which takes place from the 31st of May until the 6th of June 2015.

Dutch Technology Week, mission and aim
During the Dutch Technology Week, technology is presented as a fun and challenging arena that provides opportunities to study, work, do business and invest. The organisation and its supporting partners want to attract students, professionals and technology enthusiasts to the region to let them experience and embrace technology. The Dutch Technology Week’s mission is to contribute to the growth of Brainport Region Eindhoven to secure its presence as a global innovative technology player.

This all with the aim to:
– Create a common passion for technology
– Make sure that the next professional generation selects technology
– Establish technology as a way of working to ‘think and act’, be creative, perform craftsmanship