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Here is a list of hack idea’s submitted for this hackathon.

Privacy Challenge
Join us in protecting digital freedom during this hackaton. Eindhoven has a small, but active community around privacy, which comes together every month at hackerspace MADspace. Every month this club grows in knowledge and good ideas. We want to execute these ideas in a community site for Bits of Freedom, to make it fun for visitors to support the privacy politics. Extending the forum, the privacy toolkit and the information retrieval. Let’s add smart and pleasant support, and improve privacy politics!
Contact: Koen Aben

Philips HUE

hue is a system of 4 components:

The hue bridge APIs are your primary tool for controlling your lights. This is a RESTful interface over HTTP. The purpose of this web service interface is to give every light in your system a URL in your local network. We also give every controllable parameter of these lights a local URL. This means that controlling the lights is achieved by simply sending a new value to this local URL.

Discovering what lights you have in your system and what they are doing is just as easy as we have a URL for this too. That’s the basic idea of a RESTful interface, for more general information see Wikipedia.

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The Firefly Project: Playing with Light

Moving outdoor displays are the latest trend in outdoor lighting!
People are programming drones to fly in formation and flash attached lights to create awesome lighting effects.
For example, check out the youtube video here:

Let’s do the same thing with model cars!

Contact: kunigunde.cherenack@philips.com

High Fidelity

We believe that both the hardware and the internet infrastructure are now available to give people around the world access to an interconnected Metaverse that will offer a broad range of capabilities for creativity, education, exploration, and play. And by using all of our computers together in an open shared network, we can simulate this space at a far larger scale than would be possible by any single company or centrally hosted system.

By using a range of new hardware devices like the Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, Leap 4Motion, PrioVR, Sixsense, and depth cameras, the experience of exploring these worlds can be incredibly immersive and the interaction with others lifelike and emotional

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“We released the design data of HACKberry, our latest 3D-printed bionic hand, as open source for the purpose of speeding up the development through participation of cooperators from all over the world,” a representative from exiii explained. “In addition, we hope that cooperators will deliver this artificial arm to those we cannot reach ourselves due to distance and other constraints.”

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