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At the inspiring venue VDMA – The Hub for Expats Eindhoven – some 50 participants were working oSHD-15-visual-themesn amazing projects. Together they produced proof-of-concepts, prototypes and demonstrators, and pitched this to the jury at the end of the weekend.
Pictures and Videos here.

Thanks to the sponsors Thompson Reuters, City of Eindhoven and Lumens Groep the winners receive prizes worth € 1000. But the real value created is much more than that: next to eternal fame and pride, the solutions are seeds that can grow into products or start-ups, knowledge and experience is gained, connections between people are e

stablished for future development.

Two First Prizes, Two Second Prizes



Painting with sound is making esthetic images using sound as input. Remote control toy cars are hacked to be wireless controlled by an Arduino microprocessor.

The cars are taking sound as trigger for the navigation. Moving around the LED light equipped RC cars produces images that are recorded with Timelapse Photography.
The concept is also targeted at education: Create a learning suite for art teachers with software to set learning objectives and set up an Art curriculum. Project ideas and hardware building blocks to teach concepts combining art and technology



Create music using network packets as a source for audio. Ever wondered what DHCP sounds like?

This project turns packets that go over the network into sound. It creates a piece of ambient music from the standard network traffic, but you can also create rhythms by pinging the server. You can contribute to the sound by manually sending bytes to it, or even write a script to make a beat.

It allows you to “jam” with multiple computers by connecting to the server and sending whatever you want to it. Different computers produce different sounds. Even just connecting to the network already generates traffic, which translates into sounds.



A matching platform for flexible short term jobs and tasks. Employees post their availability, portfolio, competencies. Employers search for matches to their needs in the available work force.

Reviews of both Employer and employee help to make better choices in matching. The web based application is a free service

team Food4Free


An advanced aquaponics system regulates precisely the moist levels, evaporation, water supply.

The circular plant growing system includes a fish tank that produces fertilizer for the plants.

Science Hack Day

Science Hack Day brings together scientists, engineers, programmers, designers , creators and thinkers during a 2-day setting to combine science and creation into the maker philosophy. Since 2010, there have been more than 40 Science Hack Days across more than a dozen countries.

“Science Hack Day is inherently about mashing up ideas, mediums, industries and people to create spark for future ideas, collaborations and inspirations,” says Ariel Waldman, Science Hack Day’s global director. “Science should be disruptively accessible. Science Hack Day empowers people from a variety of backgrounds to explore, participate in and build new ways of interacting with and contributing to science.”


What makes Science Hack Day so unique is its openness and community. Events are set up with local support, but with  a global network of followers. Anyone with an idea could share the principle online or during a pitch, and find a team to elaborate the concept at the Science Hack Day.

Eindhoven had its first Science Hack Day in 2012 and it proved to be a success; it has become an annual event. On a sunny* morning of May 30th, 2015, the Science Hack Day Eindhoven starts with an introduction to the themes, the (un)purpose of the hackathon and a chance to get acquainted with fellow participants.

MAD emergent art center creates a platform to collaborate on its Make the Future theme, that has 4 clusters: Life in Creation, Circular Life, Human Technology and Digital Life. The teams are challenged to develop concepts towards CONNECTING from within these themes – but are still free to choose their own path.

Participation is free and participant catering is fully sponsored, but registration is required! Click here to register.

#SHD040 2015 will unfold at VDMA, The Hub for Expats, Vestdijk 25, Eindhoven.
For practical information, look here.

(* naturally or artificial)