VDMA – The Hub Eindhoven for Expats
Vestdijk 25, Eindhoven
(2 minutes walk from train station; free parking at the venue court)


Food & Drinks

Catering includes lunch and dinner on Saturday, and breakfast, lunch and drinks on Sunday. Thanks to our generous sponsors this is free!
During the event water, coffee and tea is available for free, other refreshments you can buy at the bar or bring yourself.
If you have special needs or restrictions regarding food, you have to inform the organisation ASAP.

Equipment, tools, materials

We provide a helpdesk, offering a number of tools, equipment, materials and stuff usually needed to hack around. However due to expected high demand of these precious molecules, we STRONGLY recommend you take with you all the stuff you anticipate using anyway.
Moreover, on Saturday nearby shops are open and happy to help you.

Sleep over

If you need a few hours of sleep instead of working through the night, there are a number of options, ranging from Couch Surfing to a 4 star hotel. A few tips:

Couch Surfing


Budget Hotel (from € 28 pp)