Science Hack Day Eindhoven #10

May 29th & 30th 2021

This year, MAD emergent art center will work to transition Science Hack Day to an online workspace utilizing online tools and digital spaces. This directly corresponds to one of the two main event themes. Creating this years event has pushed the boundaries of the MAD Team as well, thinking of common applications that team members have used and which would be applicable to an online Science Hack Day Event essentially creating a Hack in itself. Of course there will also be wild cards within these two themes. This Year looks to be a challenge unlike any other year! All communications will be via MIRO and ZOOM, teams will be able to communicate and use their own devices, and use their own tools and applications as well. While we are looking forward to being Wow’d by the creative results everyone develops, we have also provided a couple of tools to 3D render designs. If you are interested in dreaming, creating and utilizing various tools and applications then be sure to sign up today!

Upon registration for a free ticket you can choose to join a team, or start one yourself!
Prepare for a good time with friends and peers to have fun inventing crazy and impactful prototypes and installations… Invite tour friends to join and have a fun weekend.


  • Digital Reality
  • Extensions of a Mars Rover 


Some really cool challenges are waiting for you to put your teeth in. Further details on the challenges will be revealed soon on this channel. We promise some special challenges related to space exploration, robots and remote simulation….

Future Work and Home Solutions 

Virtual Reality exploration in a built up 3D realm choosing which way to move and then being out voted!