Digital RealityExtensions of the Mars Rover
What Does the Future of Work and Home Look Like?Create a Virtual Reality Platform in which people can explore say “Mars” based on a 3D built up model, tell the Rover which way to go based on popular vote.
Wild CardWild Card
Description of the Digital Reality Challenge and the Extension of the Mars Rover Challenge

Here’s What You’ll Be Doing…


Prior to the start date everyone will receive:

  • Your Welcome Packet Delivered, filled with goodies from our Sponsors.
  • A template page to complete and send back to the MAD lab for individual online introductions. These introductions will be shown to all participants via PowerPoint. There will be two templates, the one that you fill out before the event adding your photo, your nickname or screen name, your favorite junk food, and your area of expertise. From this template we will copy and paste your photo to a group team page and once you are in your group everyone will add their role. This group page along with your group name will be shared during the event.
  • A ZOOM Link to be logged in to 5 minutes prior to the event starting and a link to the Science Hack Day Eindhoven page that will have available resources, a help desk button in case you need some assistance and other relevant information.

1st Day Event:

  • Each person will start on May 29th in ZOOM for a 15-minute Welcome session immediately following each person will breakout in to their teams. 
  • For one-hour contestants will break out in to groups introduce themselves and choose a team name, discuss which challenge they would like to pursue and assign roles to one another; complete the team template and send back to headquarters.
  • The next 20 minutes broken out groups will rejoin all ZOOM persons for a “lightning talk” (a lightning talk is a quick overview of a topic, it will give you a view of the topic but not a lot of detail). The lightning talk is meant to inspire you, spark some thoughts towards the topics.
  • After the lightning talk everyone will breakout in to their groups again and begin hacking for the next 1 hour and 45 minutes. Remember to prepare your 1-minute pitch and choose a speaker for after lunch. A one-minute pitch should state a few things:
    • Describe the problem & try to create rapport
    • Offer an objective solution
    • Answer the question of why your team’s solution is different than what was done in the past
  • Upon returning from lunch everyone will login to ZOOM be welcomed back and watch a quick sponsor video for 15 minutes.
  • The following loosely planned 45 minutes are set aside for each team’s one minute pitch as well as team introduction with the PowerPoint template page. Be creative with your 1-minute pitches don’t be afraid to utilize any and all tools to execute your vision.
  • Next groups will hack on for the next 3 hours until dinner. Be sure to keep an eye out for quick fire  tasks that will award you additional points at judging and or special badges.
  • Dinner for 1 hour, but of course you can work through it if you choose.
  • Once everyone logs back in to ZOOM, we will welcome you back and chat for 15 minutes before breaking out in to groups again.
  • For the remainder of the evening be prepared for some hardcore hacking!

2nd Day Event:

  • The second day will begin with a 1.5-hour welcome stream and key note speaker via ZOOM.
  • 2 hours working in your group finalizing your hacks and building your presentations.
  • Lunch for 1 hour, but of course you can work through it if you choose.
  • 2 hours of more crunch time while the end nears building and finishing your presentations.
  • Finally, 1 hour 45 minutes will be devoted to uploading your final pitches and reviewing and scoring by the jury. Final pitches may be delivered in one of several ways:         
    • Prerecorded Video upload
    • Live via ZOOM sharing screens
    • Through a website you have made
  • The final 1.5 hour will be winner announcement ceremony and shut down.

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